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Most Common Construction Site Accidents and How to Avoid Them

In a construction site, accidents, injuries, and deaths are unfortunately quite common.. Construction sites are surrounded by With building materials, tools and heavy equipment, construction sites and involves several risks. Here are some common construction site accidents and how to prevent them.

Falling from High Platforms

Often, construction work is carried out at dangerous heights and injuries from these heights can be quite serious. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports, falls on construction sites account for approximately 39 percent of the accidents. Ladders and scaffolds need daily inspection and regular maintenance. Sufficient guardrails and safety nets should be placed wherever necessary. Workers should be equipped with fall protection such as harnesses and rope grabs.

Slips and falls

There are many hazards on a construction site that could lead to slip and fall accidents. Uneven ground, open holes, tools, wires, wet substances and other objects may lead to serious injury. Walkways and work areas should be clear of obstructions. Equipment should be stored away; any slippery surface should be reported immediately to a supervisor, who must ensure that the hazard is dealt with.


According to OSHA, electricity presents a significant danger to construction workers. Construction sites contain wires and unfinished electrical systems which often remain exposed until installation is completed. Causes of death and injuries involve contact with wires that are exposed, electrically charged metal objects and defective machinery. It is crucial that every worker be given appropriate electrical training. Work on electrical systems should only be done with adequate training. Electrocutions are avoidable if all wires are correctly labeled, electricity switched off, moved away from high traffic areas, the correct insulation is used and the construction crew is made aware of where the power lines are laid.

Falling Objects

There is always the risk of an object falling at construction sites, particularly in buildings that have more than one floor. Falling tools or building materials can cause injuries to people below. When working on upper building levels, it is important to secure equipment during and after use. Fences and barricades may help reduce the number of objects from falling onto workers below. Additionally, installing safety nets where possible, will catch falling debris.

Vehicle Accidents

Moving vehicles, such as large construction trucks, forklift trucks, other large transportation vehicles or cars are also a common cause of injury in construction sites. According to Eurostat, one in three fatal construction site accidents involves vehicles. Drivers of large vehicles sometimes fail to see workers in their path - especially when backing up. Following a few simple procedures can reduce the risk of construction workers being injured by moving vehicles. Vehicle-only areas should be designated with signs and barriers, making sure vehicles are always checked before use.

Fires and Explosions

Fires and explosions occur on construction sites because of unfinished piping, leaking gas and incomplete electrical systems. Construction companies are responsible for materials being safely stored away from any igniters.

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