Evidence That Can Help You Win Your Car Accident Case

Car Accident Evidence

You never know when and where you may be involved in a car accident. Many people are injured or killed each day in car accidents. Knowing what to do after a car accident can be very helpful to you and other people. Collecting the right evidence can make a big difference in recovering compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Take Photographs

Details of the accident scene serve as crucial evidence in a lawsuit. If possible, make sure that you take photos of the accident scene, the vehicles involved and the injuries of those involved. You can also take photos of eyewitnesses or others involved in the accident.

Take Notes While Your Memory is Fresh

Make it a point to write down every detail you can remember from the accident starting from the beginning. If not done soon after the incident, you may forget and miss out on very important details.

Gather Contact Information from all the Drivers and Eyewitnesses

Collect as much contact information as possible about the drivers and their insurance companies, as well as any eyewitnesses, including names, addresses, email information, phone numbers, license numbers and license plate numbers, insurance policy information, etc.

Get a Police Report

The police report is one of the most significant pieces of evidence in the process of filing a lawsuit and is proof that the accident happened. Call the police right away and keep a copy of the police report.

Get a Medical Report

The medical report and bills are vital evidence in making a car accident claim. Be examined medically no matter how minor your injuries may seem at the time of the accident. Getting a medical exam proves that you were injured in the accident.

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