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Questions and Answers

The most important person in our office is YOU – the client. Each and every person in our office is treated with respect, as if they were a family member. With this attitude and philosophy we can assure our clients that we are doing the very best for them. We take a case and work on it to maximize the monetary recovery for our client. Our office will make a difficult situation as pleasant as possible.
Yes, 100% of the time. Marvin A. Cooper, P.C., with 50 years of trial experience, can provide you with a professional attorney at all times. You always know who is handling your case and that same individual will work with you throughout the course of your representation. William Cooper makes himself available to you so that you can always have access to the experience that only an attorney can provide.
Marvin A. Cooper, P.C., has always worked on a “contingency” fee basis. In simple terms, our clients do not pay anything unless and until they get a recovery of money. Only at that time are the clients charged the out-of-pocket expenses (off of the top so that both the client and our firm pay for the expenses together) and then a one-third fee on all negligence cases. Despite other firms now charging upwards of 40% and 50%, our office believes that one-third is a fair compensation and shows respect for our clients.
It is always the decision of the client to accept or reject a settlement. We have found that our legal advice – based on over fifty years of experience – properly guides the client in making the decision to settle a case. However, the ultimate decision is always that of the client.
The stellar reputation of our law firm, our vast trial experience, our willingness to fight for our clients, and the ability to take a case to trial, all adds up to a firm that will get the maximum recovery that our clients are entitled to receive under the law.
Below is a list of the information you will need from a witness to your accident:

  • The name, address and telephone number of the witness.
  • A statement from the witnesses including:
    1. What he or she saw
    2. What he or she heard
    3. Where he/she was located before and after the incident
    4. Did he/she have a clear view of the incident
    5. Observations about weather conditions at the scene of the accident
    6. Any other observations pertaining to the accident

Several parties may be held liable for scaffolding accidents, including:

  • General contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Manufacturers

Other potential parties are those with decision-making power for the construction site.