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6 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney After A Car Accident

Do you know you are entitled to compensatory and punitive damages for injuries sustained in a car accident? The New York law allows for seeking economic damages based on your insurance protection and punitive damages from the at-fault driver under certain conditions. With a personal injury attorney on your side, it becomes easier to tackle tricks employed by insurance companies, determine who is at fault in the car accident, and file a successful tort claim. 

Here are the reasons why a New York personal injury attorney is invaluable after a motor vehicle accident in NY state. 

1. To Prevent Insurance Companies from Employing Tricks 

Insurance companies make every possible effort to undervalue your claim. They even employ tricks and guide you to make statements that are best suited to their interests. The adjusters often try to push you hard to agree to a lower amount of compensation. Without the guidance of an experienced New York personal injury attorney, you face the risk of losing a significant amount you are entitled to as compensation. 

2. To Get Maximum Compensation 

With experience and expertise in handling personal injury cases and negotiating with insurance companies, an attorney is better placed to guide you on how to get the maximum compensation. He may go through your policy and its legal interpretations to help you get the highest award possible. He will know your coverage, limitations, and exclusions as well as the liability in the case and press for damages accordingly. 

3. To Navigate The Legal Aspects 

New York is a no-fault state. However, this does not limit your ability to seek damages from the at-fault driver. A personal injury attorney can tell you conditions that allow for fault and even help to send a demand notice seeking more money. He is the most appropriate person to apprise you of the responsibilities of the insurance company and under which circumstances the reimbursement claim cannot be rejected. 

4. To Help in Settlement 

Only an experienced personal injury attorney can tell you if you should settle your claim out of court or push for a trial. He can clearly delineate the limits based on his prior handling of similar cases and apprise of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution. Even during mediation or arbitration, you can present your case with an upper hand when a lawyer is supporting you with facts. 

5. To Guide You on Compensation Claim 

It is a car accident lawyer who can effectively guide you on what type of damages you are entitled to. He can tell you how to prepare the claim and back it by documentary and medical evidence. He may also collect them on your behalf and send them to the insurance with a properly drafted demand letter. Without his support, you may not get reliable information on the compensatory damages and this may impact your ability to get optimum compensation. 

6. To Assist in Saving Money on Treatment 

A car accident is known to cause nerve impingement, disc desiccation/ protrusions, annular tears, and soft tissue injuries that require extensive chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, epidural injections, and even surgery. A personal injury lawyer can help you arrange for medical care. 

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