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Automobile Collisions Injuries in White Plains

Automobile collision injuries are often serious and can have a immediate impact on your health and well being. After an accident has occurred, you might begin to worry about huge medical bills and several other expenses. Also, the other party’s insurance company might deny partial or full payment of expenses for which they owe you. That is why teaming up with a skilled White Plains Automobile Collisions Injury Attorney is important. Having a good attorney on your side can increase the chance of receiving compensation for all related damages.

What does “at-fault-party” refer to?

“At-fault party,” refers to the person who is responsible for the accident and the related injuries. The critical part of determining damages and seeking justice is proving that the other party was negligent. It must be clear that the other party is responsible for the accident and damages.

Process of Assessing Fault

The process of assessing fault involves looking at medical records, police records, and any evidence gathered to help recreate the events of the accident. This helps to find out exactly what happened, so the responsible party is identified and liable.

The process of assessing fault is important for a variety of reasons. For instance, sometimes a third party may be at fault. If you have experienced an automobile collision caused by poor brakes or mechanical failure,  the other party may not be at fault. Instead, the vehicle manufacturer may be partly or fully accountable for the accident.

Seek Help from a White Plains Automobile Collisions injury lawyer

If you have been injured in a serious automobile collision, contact our White Plains, New York Automobile Collisions injury Attorney William H. Cooper, P.C. today. By speaking with our legal experts, you will get the help you need to receive compensation for injuries and other losses.

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