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Car Accidents

Car accidents are common in New York. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in NY is the best way to get your rightful compensation following an accident.

If an injury is not properly documented by gathering relevant information, then the chance to recover damages may be lost. It is important to act quickly when you plan to file a claim.

Causes of Car Accidents

There are several reasons for car accidents. For instance, reckless driving or drunk driving may cause car accidents. A brake failure may prevent a driver from braking in time and may lead to serious injuries.

Steps to Take After a Car Crash

Try to collect evidence like photographs of the site and injuries, and witness details. Contact police immediately so they can file an accident report.

Types of Damages Recovered in a Car Accident

If you have been involved in an accident, then you might have a right to claim compensation. You can recover compensation for injuries, property damage and more.

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