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What Are The Causes of Crane Accidents

Crane Accidents: Common Causes

Accidents at construction sites are very common. One out of five construction accidents that occur involve cranes. Therefore, it is important for contractors and employers to take the necessary steps to ensure that crane operators are properly and adequately trained on safe work practices. Many crane accidents are preventable. Having some knowledge of why they happen may help prevent a lot of accidents.

Here are some common causes of crane accidents and tips to prevent them:

Collapses: Cranes are designed and manufactured with certain weight limits to ensure that they do not tip over. They are equipped with counterweight and out-rigging systems to counterbalance the weight. When cranes exceed the maximum weight limits, they may collapse. To prevent accidents, crane operators should make sure that they do not exceed the crane’s capacity to carry loads.

Improper assemblies: One of the main reasons for crane collapses is improper assemblies. When cranes do not have proper blocking to stabilize the loads, the unbalanced loads may lead to the crane collapsing. Crane assemblies should always be carried out according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Improper training: When crane operators are not given proper training on crane operations and safety procedures, they may cause serious accidents. It is every employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are trained and have completed OSHA safety courses specifically related to crane operations. They must also train workers to take safety precautions and to maintain a safe distance from crane operations and other work performed on job sites.

Mechanical failures: Mechanical failures may cause serious crane accidents. Mechanical failures are the result of improper maintenance. There should be routine maintenance work to prevent accidents. Crane components should be regularly oiled, and any defects in them should be addressed immediately.

Contact with overhead power lines: A majority of crane accidents are caused by contact with overhead power lines. To avoid accidents, crane operators and workers in the crane basket must be aware of the placement of power lines surrounding the worksite. The current to active power lines should be shut off to prevent electrocution from accidental contact with them.

Lack of frequent inspections: Infrequent or lack of thorough inspections by employers are another cause of crane accidents. Timely and consistent inspections can prevent tragic accidents. Employers and inspectors must be vigilant in making sure that the cranes they clear to work are safe to use. When employers and inspectors carry out their duties and responsibilities rigorously, many crane accidents can be prevented.

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