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Drowsy Driving-Who Is At Risk And How Can We Prevent Drowsy Driving?

When driving a vehicle it is important to practice safety when on the road in order to prevent accidents. It is also very important to stay awake and alert. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration more than 100,000 crashes occur each year due to drowsy driving. A drowsy driver and a drunk driver behave equally while driving; they cannot maintain speed and road position. The Healthy Sleep Awareness Project has recently launched Awake at the Wheel, a program targeted at educating drivers on the dangers of drowsy driving.
Common Drowsy Driving Warning Signs:

  • Constantly yawning.
  • Unable to keep your eyes open while driving.
  • Nodding off or dozing off.
  • Unable to recall driving the last few miles.
  • Driving up close to the cars in front of you.
  • Miss Road signs or drive past your turn.
  • Drift into other lane of traffic.

Who is at risk?

Teens and young adults are at a high risk for drowsy driving because they have the least amount of driving experience and may not recognize the consequences of driving when sleep deprived. Teenagers require more sleep than adults do. However, they may not get enough sleep because of their busy schedules (school, jobs, sports, and other activities). Those who work late night shifts, take care of young children, or manage hectic job schedules are also at risk of drowsy driving.

How Can We Prevent Drowsy Driving?

People tend to roll down the windows or play loud music to stay alert while driving to keep themselves awake. However, a study done by the National Healthy Sleep Project has determined more effective ways to stay alert while driving.
Here are some effective ways to prevent drowsy driving:

  • Get at least seven to nine hours of sleep before driving.
  • Avoid driving during the night.
  • Try to avoid driving alone.
  • Share the driving with another passenger on a long trip.
  • If you are feeling tired pull over at a rest stop and take a nap.
  • Drink coffee or any high caffeine drink for a short-term boost.
  • Take a power nap after consuming caffeine to maximize the alerting effect.
  • Ask someone to give you a ride home if you worked a late shift.

If you ever feel tired, sleepy or drowsy avoid driving to prevent accidents. Think about your safety, as well as the safety of the people you share the road with.

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