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Injured Construction Worker Files $55 Million Lawsuit

Construction worker Ashanti Stupart claims the MTA subway project is an unsafe workplace. In August 2014, while working on the 2nd Avenue subway, Stupart was trapped 100 feet below the street after an accident.

Stupart and his lawyer have filed a $55 million lawsuit against the MTA. The 2nd Avenue subway project is one of the largest public works projects in the city's history, and hundreds of construction workers are involved.

Stupart says he and another worker were pouring concrete with a huge, flexible hose which was going out of control. He says the hose struck him, and opened a huge gash across his leg.

"We've had informal meetings with OSHA and discussions with OSHA, who said one of the issues they're looking at in terms of issuing violations is the issue of attaching a flex hose to this pipe which poured concrete into the site. That should not have been done," said the worker's attorney, Sanford Rubenstein.

The project has reportedly been hit with at least 18 safety violations.

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