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Is a Driver at Fault for Accidents Caused by Bad Weather?

car accident

Bad weather contributes to 22 percent of annual car crashes, causing over 1.2 million crashes each year. Drivers are expected to take the necessary precautions to drive safely in the existing weather conditions. Unfortunately, numerous car accidents take place due to bad weather conditions. When weather plays a role in an accident, finding fault can be difficult.

Determining Liability in a Weather Related Accident

When bad weather causes a car crash, insurance companies and attorneys need to determine if:

  • The driver was driving at a speed that was reasonable in the prevailing weather conditions
  • The driver was following at a safe distance behind other vehicles
  • The weather was a known event, rather than an unexpected occurrence
  • The driver could have taken actions to avoid the accident

If the driver could have prevented the accident but his or her negligence caused the crash, then the driver can be held liable. However, there may be instances when the weather event was unusual or extremely unexpected, leaving the driver no way to avoid an accident. For instance, if a driver is driving and is unexpectedly pushed into oncoming traffic by a sudden tornado, causing a multi-vehicle pileup, then that driver may not be liable.

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