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OSHA Safety Standards for Workers Using Scaffolds

Scaffold accidents are common at construction sites. Most often, scaffolding accidents happen due to faulty equipment or poor maintenance. These accidents may lead to life-threatening injuries or death. New York State Labor Law protects workers involved in scaffolding-related accidents.

OSHA Safety Standards for Workers Using Scaffolds

OSHA training requirements: OSHA training requirements specify types of lumber, weight limits of particular designs and required inspection periods for scaffoldings. Common topics covered in training include:

  • OSHA standards and regulations
  • Erecting or disassembling scaffolds
  • Fall protection
  • Required personal protective equipment
  • Material handling
  • Working platform safety
  • Clean pathway specifications
  • Planning

OSHA suggests additional topics for training when working with different scaffolds like tubular welded-frame scaffolds, tube and clamp scaffolds, and system scaffolds.

OSHA fall protection requirements: OSHA fall protection requirements vary according to the type of scaffolding. In all cases, the employer is responsible for providing fall protection for workers.

OSHA restrictions on power line proximity: OSHA restricts the distance from the power lines to scaffolding. Depending on the type of electric or power lines, scaffolding must be at least 3 to 10 feet away.

Construction Accident Attorney in White Plains, NY

If you have been injured in a scaffolding accident at a construction site, then contact a construction accident attorney. Attorney William H. Cooper, a construction accident attorney in White Plains, NY has successfully represented clients in matters related to construction site injuries. Call 718-619-4215 for a free consultation with Attorney William H. Cooper.

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