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Parking Lot Conditions Leading To Slip and Fall Accidents

Parking Lot Conditions

Many parking lot slip and fall accidents often occur from a lack of maintenance. The parking lot owner has a responsibility for maintaining the lot so that it is reasonably safe for the people using it. Slip and fall accidents could result in serious injuries and in some cases be fatal. If the injury was caused due to someone else's negligence, the person or party responsible are liable for the costs associated with the injuries sustained. Slip and fall accidents increase significantly during the winter and early spring seasons due to a number of factors.

Mentioned below are some of the conditions in a parking lot that can lead to slip and fall accidents:

  • Black ice on road surface.
  • Cracked asphalt or cement or potholes accumulate water which freezes making the surface slippery.
  • Poor lighting can mask potholes, debris and cracked pavement and could lead to slip and fall accidents.
  • When accumulated ice on the roof melts and drips directly onto your lot and freezes, it causes slick streams of ice.
  • Elevation changes in the parking lot due to broken asphalt and other objects.
  • Unmarked, uneven surfaces like parking or speed bumps.
  • Piles of ice and snow left behind by maintenance staff.
  • Broken or uneven steps or ramps.
  • Raised drain covers or utility grates that are sticking out.
  • Unreliable railings.

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