Forklift Injuries

Forklift Injuries on Construction Sites

Forklifts are common on many construction sites. That is no surprise, considering that a forklift makes transporting heavy items around the work site much easier. With a forklift, a worker can transport a load of bricks or other heavy items that would be inconvenient or even dangerous to carry.

Forklift injuries are common on construction sites. These injuries can occur if an untrained driver operates a forklift or someone fails to maintain the equipment. In some cases, forklift injuries occur due to the negligence of the site owner or contractor.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that forklift accidents cause close to 85 deaths per year. Forklift injuries can cause serious damage.

Forklift injuries can occur when:

  • The forklift tips over and crushes a worker
  • A worker is pinned between the forklift and a surface
  • A worker is pinned between the forklift and another vehicle
  • A worker is run over or hit by a forklift
  • A worker is hit by material falling from a forklift

Construction workers should receive training and authorization from their employer prior to operating a forklift.

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