Struck by Falling Objects

Struck by Falling Objects on Construction Site

Construction sites are dangerous. They are sometimes in the middle of cities, surrounded by pedestrians handling their daily business. Simple mistakes, such as dropping a hammer from a tall height, can cause injuries to construction workers and pedestrians. This is why being struck by falling objects is a major construction site concern.

Several things can lead to falling objects on a construction site. There are some common scenarios usually involving falling objects.

Lack of barricades or improper barricades increases the chances of pedestrians being hurt. Non-construction workers often casually walk by construction sites during their daily activities. These people are at risk if there are no clear boundaries showing which areas to avoid.

Some people are struck by falling objects because they unintentionally wander into construction areas. Not all construction sites are obvious - for instance, a smaller site with only a few workers and not a lot of equipment. A pedestrian might not be aware of the danger of falling objects. On a site, a construction worker could wander into an area that looks safe but is not.

On a construction site, falling objects can include debris and equipment. Debris often falls when cords, hooks or other devices that secure objects to hoists, cranes and other objects fail, accidents can happen.

Tools are the main source of falling-object injuries. Most tools are small and easily knocked or kicked from heights. They are not secured in one spot because workers need to move them around for use. However, workers should take measures to secure tools when working in high areas.

If you are struck by falling objects on a construction site you may have a personal injury case. You will need to prove the site owner or contractor was at-fault for not keeping the site safe. You will also need to prove that your injury is the direct result of their negligence.

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