6 Safety Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

Safety Tips to Avoid Car Accidents

Car accidents are common and they injure and kill thousands of people every year. Many of the accidents that occur are due to the negligent actions of drivers and are mostly preventable. Drivers can avoid accidents by being more alert and focused when they are behind the wheel. Here are some tips on safe driving from the experienced car accident lawyers at the Marvin A. Cooper, P.C. law firm:

Focus solely on driving: When you are driving, do not indulge in any activity other than driving. Avoid texting or making a call, putting on make-up, eating or drinking, changing the radio or having a conversation with your passengers. If you do not concentrate solely on driving, you may not be prepared for what is ahead of you and may end up having an accident.

Keep scanning the road: Keep scanning the traffic ahead of the car that is in front of you. This will help you identify any potential problems and give you enough time to react should the driver in front make a sudden stop.

Do not drive in the fast lane: Avoid driving in the fast lane because this is where most car accidents occur. Drive in the center lane to allow yourself more escape routes should a problem arise.

Grip the steering wheel firmly from both sides: Do not grip the steering wheel with one hand. Use both hands to maximize control of your vehicle should you need to make a quick maneuver.

Know your car’s limitations: Pay attention to how much traction your car’s tires have, the amount of time your car takes to make a stop when you apply maximum pressure to the brakes, etc. Being familiar with the limitations of your car can help you stay safe.

Ensure regular maintenance: Many accidents occur due to the lack of proper vehicle maintenance. Change the car’s oil and tires when necessary, have your brakes checked periodically, etc. Consistent maintenance can help keep your car in good shape and assist you in avoiding any unforeseen problems.

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