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Safety Tips to Prevent Winter-Related Construction Injuries

Many construction workers are injured in winter. Employers are responsible for preventing injuries, and have a duty to train workers and ensure their safety. The following tips help prevent construction site injuries in winter.

Clothing: Wear proper fitting clothing that does not hinder your mobility.
Hydrate yourself: Drink fluids during winter to prevent dehydration.
Calorie intake: Workers who work for more than 4 hours should increase their calorie intake by 10%.
Regular breaks: Regular breaks must be taken for workers to get warm.
Reduce temperature: Employers must warm the workspace by using heaters, erecting temporary walls to shield workers from winds and drafts, and insulating equipment handles and railings.
Training: All workers must be aware of risks and symptoms of cold related stress, including heavy shivering and muscle fatigue.
Work in groups: Working in groups can prevent falls and cold stress injuries.

Construction Site Accident Attorney in Yonkers, NY

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