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What Documents are Necessary in a Personal Injury Claim?

Documentation is critical in a personal injury case. The right documentation may mean the difference between being fairly compensated and not receiving compensation at all. The kind of documentation required will depend on the facts of your claim. It is therefore essential to work with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney to determine what kind of documents you will need.

Here is an overview of some of the documents you may need for your personal injury case.

  1. Police reports: The police report is considered to be a public record. It is available to all parties once it is completed. The police report is a strong document that may help prove the authenticity of the accident. It may also help determine who was at fault.
  2. Witness statements: Witness statements serve as a written record of important details about the accident. It can provide details that experts can use to reconstruct the accident, if necessary, to determine how the accident occurred.
  3. Victim or client statements: This is one of the most important documents needed in a personal injury claim. The victim or client statement should be taken soon after the accident when he or she can clearly recall the events of the accident.
  4. Photos: Photos are critical for a personal injury case. They can be a great tool for your attorney to determine who is responsible for the accident. Photos of the accident scene may include photos of the damaged vehicle, the position of the cars, the place where the accident took place, the location of traffic signs and photos of the injuries.
  5. Medical reports: These reports are key documents that can help your attorney to explain what your injuries are, how your recovery has been proceeding, and how you have been suffering physically and emotionally. This report will also include medical bills and other expenses related to your treatment post-accident.
  6. Opinions of expert witnesses: Your attorney might work with an expert witness to explain to the jury how the accident occurred or describe your injuries and prognosis for recovery. Their report is critical for your accident case.
  7. Insurance information: If there is an insurance company involved, keep any correspondence that you receive from them. This information will include your insurance provider details and your policy information.

  8. Your work information: If you want to claim compensation for lost wages and lost earning capacity, you will need to provide this documentation. You can include your pay stubs, W-2 information, bonus reports, and any other paperwork that shows your pay before your injury.

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