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You Have a Personal Injury Case—Now Make Sure You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Filing compensation claim

Ways to Protect Your Personal Injury Claim

When you suffer an injury due to the negligence of others, you may be eligible for compensation. However, the compensation you may be eligible to receive will depend on how much you contributed to the accident. At the same time, your compensation claim will also depend on what you do following the accident. Do the following things to help you protect your claim for compensation:

Get medical attention right away: Getting medical help right away is important. If you delay in getting medical help, the defendant can make an argument that your injury claim is not related to the accident. It is necessary to follow medical advice and keeping doctor’s appointments to ensure a successful compensation claim.

Hire an attorney: Getting legal guidance from an experienced personal injury attorney right away is the best decision you can make. Your lawyer can provide legal advice, file paperwork, keep track of deadlines and file all documents within the timelines set by the court.

Do not discuss your case with anyone other than your attorney: Do not discuss the accident with anyone in person or via email or through any other source. The information you share could be discovered by the insurance company and the defendant’s attorney and may be used to weaken your claim for compensation.

Keep track of all records and documents: Keep a record of all the medical treatment you receive. Keeping the receipts and documents that show your treatment will help your attorney prepare a case for compensation on your behalf.

Stay away from social media: While filing for a compensation claim, be careful about sharing information of your injury on any social media platform. Posting pictures that show you apparently healthy and happy can make the other party think that you do not have the injury you claim to suffer.

Let your attorney know of any settlement offer: If the insurance company makes a settlement offer, let your attorney know before signing any document. Often, insurance companies try to settle a claim at low bids. The settlement could be less than you might otherwise be offered.

If you need help filing your personal injury claim, our aggressive, experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers can help. Our team of personal injury lawyers is dedicated to providing exceptional representation in all areas of personal injury law. Call 914-357-8911 or 718-619-4215 or email

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