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Common Causes of Auto accidents in Urban Areas and City Streets

Auto accidents happen anywhere, irrespective of location. In cities, where there is a high concentration of people and vehicles in close proximity, there is a high risk of serious accidents. Auto accidents are also the cause of traffic congestion and road hazards.

Common causes of Auto accidents in urban areas include:

  • Driver impairment: Impairment occurs when an individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle is compromised due to the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or other prescribed medicines. Intoxicated drivers have difficulty concentrating putting others on the road at risk for catastrophic car accidents.
  • Driver distractions: An increased number of accidents are caused by drivers who are distracted by technology, such as smart phones, GPS trackers, iPads and other electronic devices. Older technological devices such as car radios also cause auto accidents each year.
  • Reckless driving: Speeding, improper lane changes and road rage are common in urban areas especially during traffic jams.
  • Running red lights: Running a red light is extremely dangerous to drivers and other unsuspecting motorists.
  • Poorly maintained roads: Many city roads are heavily used and poorly maintained resulting in cracks, potholes and other defects making them very dangerous.
  • Busy streets: A number of collisions are the result of impatient frustrated drivers who tend to be more reckless on busy city streets.
  • Construction zones: City streets require regular maintenance. Construction zones which are improperly marked or blocked off without visible signage for drivers, warning of an upcoming  construction zone cause accidents.

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