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Peekskill Personal Injury Lawyers

File A Claim and Seek Fair Damages with Our Experienced Accident Injury Attorneys in Peekskill, NY for Accidents and Injuries of All Kinds in Westchester County and Throughout New York

If you were in an accident and sustained losses or injuries of any kind, we are here to help. The experienced Peekskill personal injury lawyers at Marvin A. Cooper, P.C. have helped many families in Peekskill and across New York win the compensation they deserve for accidents and personal injury cases of every type. Injuries can cause serious amounts of pain and suffering and can lead to extensive long-term care and treatment costs – not to mention significant amounts of lost income – so contact our accident injury attorneys in Peekskill, NY today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team will walk you through everything you need to know about your case. We will also gather evidence to substantiate your claim, quantify your losses, and negotiate with the insurer so that you receive the fair settlement or compensation payout that you deserve.

Dedicated Peekskill Personal Injury Lawyers Help Victims in Claims and Cases of Every Kind

Some of the accident cases we can help you with include:

Peekskill Personal Injury Lawyers

Our goal is to help you get your life back on track by securing the compensation you are rightfully entitled to after suffering an accident that was caused by someone else. Some of the damages we can potentially help you recover – based on the specifics of your case – include:

  • Medical treatment costs, which include surgery costs, medicine costs, doctor’s visits, ambulance fees, testing fees, and medical device costs
  • Lost income and lost earning potential
  • Property damage, which includes vehicle damage and/or repair costs
  • Pain, suffering, mental anguish, and emotional trauma
  • Loss of consortium and loss of service in the event of an accidental death
  • Funeral, burial, and cremation expenses

We will use the following types of evidence to prove the above:

  • Video evidence from dashcams, surveillance cameras, or handheld video recording devices
  • Photos of the accident
  • Medical reports and the testimony of medical professionals, as needed
  • The official police report of the accident
  • Maintenance logs for faulty, defective, or dangerous devices, machines, or vehicles
  • The driving, training, and/or medicine usage histories of doctors and motor vehicle operators for road accidents and medical negligence cases
  • Professional assessments for property damage
  • Workshop repair invoices
  • Pay stubs and salary slips to show lost income

The Importance of Professional Representation by Experienced Lawyers

Some accident victims – particularly minor accidents – may be inclined to handle their personal injury claim themselves. As long as you are not seriously injured or inhibited in any way and can collect evidence, negotiate with insurers, and follow up with your case yourself, this is fine. However, many accident victims are unfamiliar with personal injury and insurance law. Furthermore, some accidents result in injuries that only become apparent weeks or months after the fact, such as whiplash that may not be immediately diagnosed after an accident.

If you file a claim or accept compensation for an accident from an insurance company and later have additional losses or expenses or new accident-related injuries diagnosed, you will have forfeited your right to additional compensation. This is why you must speak with our skilled accident injury attorneys in Peekskill, NY so that no compensable damage is overlooked and you are professionally represented by an experienced attorney. This will ensure that you are not taken advantage of and that your claim is thoroughly assessed and properly handled every step of the way.

Contact the Knowledgeable Peekskill Personal Injury Lawyers at Marvin A. Cooper, P.C. Today

Accidents can have serious and long-lasting impacts on you and your family. Our team is here to help, so contact our Peekskill injury attorneys today for a free case evaluation. We will collect the evidence needed to support your claim, quantify your damages, and file your claim on your behalf. With representation by a seasoned lawyer on your side, you will maximize your chances of winning your case. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Cases in Peekskill, NY

What is my claim worth?

The value of your claim is based on your losses and damages. All accident-related losses and damages will be included in your claim. The more serious those losses and damages, the higher the potential value of your claim will be. Our Peekskill personal injury lawyers will collect evidence and we will use the testimony of subject matter experts to accurately quantify your losses. We will then file a claim for the maximum compensation amount that is allowed by law. With this expert testimony and hard evidence in hand, we will strive to ensure that your claim is not denied or arbitrarily reduced by the insurer for any reason.

How long do I have to file a claim?

As per the New York Courts, you typically have up to three years to file a claim. However, you should try to file your claim as soon as you can. Many insurers require all claims to be filed within 30 to 60 days of an accident. Furthermore, your employer (if you were involved in a workplace accident or have a workers’ comp case on hand) may require you to report the accident and your injuries in as little as 15 days after an accident. The longer you wait, the more the case specifics and details can become blurred in your mind as well. The insurers may also argue that you were not injured enough to immediately file a claim. It takes time to build a case and gather evidence, so it is best to contact us sooner rather than later so that we can initiate the case and file proceedings right away. Remember that our Peekskill personal injury lawyers have years of experience handling cases of all kinds and we are just a call away, so contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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"Thank you for making the dream of recovery a possibility for me. I appreciate you being so kind and helpful, even when I felt like giving up. I am so grateful for all that you've done.”

"Thank you for making the dream of recovery a possibility for me. I appreciate you being so kind and helpful, even when I felt like giving up. I am so grateful for all that you've done.”

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