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  • How Do You Prove Medical Malpractice? 

    March 13, 2023

    When a patient suffers an injury as a result of what a medical professional did or failed to do, they have the right to pursue compensation for their losses through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional such as a doctor or a nurse, causes harm to a patient under their […]

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  • How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost? 

    March 13, 2023

    The effects of a car accident can be felt for a long time after the actual accident. Car accident victims not only have to deal with the physical and psychological trauma of the accident but also with the economic pressures that result from the accident. These economic pressures include enormous medical bills as well as […]

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  • Injuries at Skating Rinks in The Bronx NY

    December 30, 2022

    Ice skating is an enjoyable outdoor or indoor activity for individuals and families. It is also an activity that can cause serious injuries. Personal injury attorneys handle cases like this every day and they know that determining liability can be complicated. The responsibility or liability for the accident may belong to the ice skater or […]

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  • Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Urban Areas and City Streets

    December 23, 2022

    Auto accidents happen anywhere, irrespective of location. In cities, where there is a high concentration of people and vehicles in close proximity, there is a high risk of serious accidents. Auto accidents are also the cause of traffic congestion and road hazards. Common causes of auto accidents in urban areas include: Contact Attorney Marvin A. […]

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  • Fatal Workplace Injuries and Workers Compensation

    December 16, 2022

    The spouses and families of workers that are killed in workplace accidents have automatic coverage, or indemnity benefits, through Workers’ Compensation. A fatality is considered work-related if it is due to a specific injury or occupational disease or condition. However, the amount of compensation may not be sufficient to help a family readjust to the […]

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  • Driving and Winter Weather Conditions in NY

    December 09, 2022

    Winter weather conditions in NY can become severe very quickly, and even the most experienced drivers can face dangerous hazards on the road. The Federal Highway Commission stated that one in four car accidents involves inclement weather. Some of the most common hazards are: Some ways to prevent being a victim of an inclement weather-related […]

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  • 6 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney After A Car Accident

    November 25, 2022

    Do you know you are entitled to compensatory and punitive damages for injuries sustained in a car accident? The New York law allows for seeking economic damages based on your insurance protection and punitive damages from the at-fault driver under certain conditions. With a personal injury attorney on your side, it becomes easier to tackle […]

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  • Fault in Side Impact T-Bone Car Accidents

    November 18, 2022

    Car accidents are one of the most common causes of injury in the United States. Side-impact collisions, also called T-bone accidents, can result in very serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries. A T-bone collision happens when one vehicle’s front end directly impacts another vehicle’s broadside, forming the letter T. While there have been several advancements in […]

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  • Why Should I Hire A Construction Accident Attorney

    November 11, 2022

    Construction accident litigation is on the rise in today’s world. Attorneys that specialize in this type of litigation must possess a vast array of knowledge on a variety of complex and complicated issues that arise during construction accident cases. You will need an attorney that has the knowledge, skills and experience to offer the best […]

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  • Car Accident Lawsuit: What is An Injury Claim Really Worth?

    November 04, 2022

    A New York personal injury lawsuit filed by a pedestrian, who suffered fractures after he was hit by a car, settled for $700,000. Another Bronx County car accident lawsuit forced the insurance company to pay $850,000 in a mediated settlement. In 2008, a New York court awarded a whopping $32.7 million in damages to a […]

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"Thank you for making the dream of recovery a possibility for me. I appreciate you being so kind and helpful, even when I felt like giving up. I am so grateful for all that you've done.”

"Thank you for making the dream of recovery a possibility for me. I appreciate you being so kind and helpful, even when I felt like giving up. I am so grateful for all that you've done.”

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