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Yonkers Car Accident Lawyers

Auto Accident Attorneys in Yonkers, NY Fighting to Recover Compensation on Behalf of Clients in Westchester County and Throughout New York State 

Car accidents can leave victims with severe injuries. Victims of car accidents face extensive medical expenses, permanent disabilities, lost wages, chronic pain, and much more. Even victims of minor accidents can suffer serious injuries and extensive losses. While financial compensation will not reverse your injuries or losses, it will help you and your loved ones cope with the devastating impact of the accident. The Yonkers car accident lawyers at Marvin A. Cooper P.C. can help ensure you recover just compensation so you can begin to pick up the pieces. 

The team at Marvin A. Cooper, P.C. is committed to pursuing compensation on behalf of accident victims. We offer legal services on a contingency fee basis. This ensures that accident victims can access high-quality legal representation without worrying about the associated costs. Our goal is to ease the burden on your shoulders while fighting to protect your rights. We will represent you throughout the claims process. Our team will work tirelessly to secure a favorable outcome in your case. 

Contact Marvin A. Copper P.C. to consult with our experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys in Yonkers, NY, and learn about your rights and options. 

How the Yonkers Car Accident Lawyers at Marvin A. Cooper P.C. Can Help with Your Auto Accident Injury Claim 

Yonkers Car Accident Lawyers

If you have suffered serious injuries in a Yonkers car accident you can rely on the Yonkers car accident lawyers at Marvin A. Cooper P.C.  to provide you with the support and guidance you need to secure maximum financial compensation for your damages. Our team will: 

  • Review the circumstances of your car accident to determine the options available to you. 
  • Investigate your accident thoroughly to determine the cause and the party or parties that can be held liable 
  • Determine the best strategy to recover full compensation for your damages 
  • Review your medical reports and other supporting documents to determine the full extent of your damages
  • Prepare and file the necessary paperwork in support of your car accident claim 
  • Negotiate with the insurance company and other parties involved for a just settlement 
  • Represent you in court if a settlement cannot be reached through negotiation. 
  • Prepare the necessary paperwork to process your settlement or award. 

We are committed to providing our clients with the best legal services in their car accident claims. Contact us to learn more. 

About Yonkers, NY 

Yonkers is a city located in Westchester County in New York. With a population of 211, 569 as at the 2020 US census, it is considered the 3rd most populous city in New York. It is also considered a suburb of New York City. 

Being a densely populated urban city, the risk of being involved in a car accident in Yonkers is quite high. According to the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles, the city recorded 693 car crashes in 2022. However, the Yonkers Police Department figures indicate more than 1000 reports of car accidents in the city during this period. 

If you have been injured in a car accident in Yonkers, contact Marvin A. Cooper P.C. for legal guidance and representation by our experienced Yonkers car accident lawyers. 

Contact Marvin A. Cooper for Free Consultation with Experienced Yonkers Car Accident Lawyers 

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a Yonkers car accident, don’t hesitate to contact Marvin A. Cooper P.C. to schedule a consultation with our experienced auto accident attorneys in Yonkers, NY. We offer a free consultation for car accident victims. Have your case reviewed by an experienced attorney and learn about your options. You can rely on our extensive knowledge and experience for the guidance and support you need during this difficult time. 

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Take that first and important step to protecting your rights and recovering just compensation. Work with the experienced Yonkers car accident lawyers from our law firm and give yourself the best chance at recovering full compensation for your damages. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accident Claims in Yonkers, NY 

What should you do if you’re in a car accident?

How long do I have to pursue a car accident claim in Yonkers?

The statute of limitations for car accident claims in New York is 3 years. This period begins on the date of the accident. If you fail to file your car accident claim within this period, you will forfeit your right to recover compensation through a car accident claim for damages resulting from that accident. 
It should be noted that there are exceptions to the 3-year statute of limitations. For example, if you are filing a car accident claim against a municipality or other government agency, the deadline is much shorter. You will have to have given the government agency notice of the claim within a short period after the accident. 
It is therefore important to get started with the claims process as soon as possible after the accident. If you have been injured in a car accident you can consult with our experienced auto accident attorneys in Yonkers, NY for free. Simply contact us and schedule a consultation with us. We will get started working on your case right away so you won’t miss out on any deadlines. 

What damages can I recover for a Yonkers car accident claim?

There are several types of damages available for a car accident claim. The specific types of damages you can recover will depend on the particular circumstances of your case. Some examples of damages that are commonly recovered in car accident cases include: 
1. Past and future medical expenses 
2. Pain and suffering 
3. Property damage 
4. Lost wages 
5. Loss of future earnings 
6. Loss of personal enjoyment 
7. Emotional distress 
8. Loss of consortium 
9. Wrongful death 
Contact us now to schedule a free consultation with experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys in Yonkers, NY to learn more about the damages available in your case. We’ll help you explore your options and determine the best way to pursue compensation. 

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"Thank you for making the dream of recovery a possibility for me. I appreciate you being so kind and helpful, even when I felt like giving up. I am so grateful for all that you've done.”

"Thank you for making the dream of recovery a possibility for me. I appreciate you being so kind and helpful, even when I felt like giving up. I am so grateful for all that you've done.”

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