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Fatal Workplace Injuries – Wrongful Death

The spouses and families of workers who are killed in workplace accidents may have coverage, or indemnity benefits for wrongful death through Workers’ Compensation. A fatality is considered work-related if it is due to a specific injury or occupational disease or condition. However, the amount of compensation may not be sufficient to help a family readjust to the economic realities of life without the deceased family member’s salary.

If it is determined that the worker’s death was the result of a compensable injury, the surviving spouse and any minor children or other dependents as defined by law, may be entitled to cash benefits.

There may be additional funds for funeral expenses.

When an unexpected tragedy occurs, a family may be overwhelmed with grief. The emotional pain and suffering can feel intolerable, and healing from this type of tragedy often takes years. If the deceased family member was the sole or primary wage earner in the family, the grief and pain is compounded by the realities of an uncertain future. The best course of action is to consult with an attorney who specializes in workplace and other personal injury and workplace fatality cases.

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